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Track my order

You can track your order in your customer account by going to the order history tab and track my order.
You can also track it using our dedicated tracking link here ;)

Please remember that your order may be in different places: in our warehouse, on its way, with the delivery person, delivered to your home or at a pick-up point. Read the email confirming your order has shipped (don't forget to check your junk mail just in case) to find out the details.

My product arrived broken

Received a broken/damaged item? We're very sorry to hear that. We do our best to protect our lovely products, but little transport accidents can happen :/

Don't worry, though, we have a solution! To submit a complaint about your broken order, please follow these steps: Link 1. My product arrived broken

After we receive your complaint, we will reply very quickly!

Please remember that you will need the order information to complete the process. If it's a gift, please ask the person who gifted it for the necessary details.

I have a problem with my jewellerys

We have a jewellery guarantee covering manufacturing defects.

Jewellery that has been misused, poorly treated, or for which the care instructions haven't been followed, isn't covered by the guarantee.

If your jewellery has a proven defect, a replacement or repair will be possible in some circumstances.

For any jewellery complaints, please contact us here with the order information: I have a problem with my jewellery

If you are given a replacement, the jewellery you receive may not necessarily be the same style as before. The replacement will be subject to our available stock and of equivalent value.

To help you look after your future My Jolie Candle jewellery, find all our care advice in the "Our Jewellery" section.


For any requests for partnerships with Instagram or YouTube influencers, please fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/PartenariatMJC

Regarding resales, for the moment, all our sales happen via our online shop and our own stores.

We will be working with professional resellers soon. Leave us your details by filling out the following form:  http://bit.ly/Revendeur.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel an order if we have reason to believe it is not for personal use.

Our candles

What are the candles made of?

All our candles are made from 100% natural vegetable wax. Protecting the environment is obviously a priority for My Jolie Candle, which is why it was important for us to choose an environmentally friendly and biodegradable wax free of pesticides and herbicides.
This natural wax does not create black smoke or toxic fumes when burning, so you can have a candle experience that's as healthy as possible. For better combustion, we use wicks made of pure woven cotton.

Where do the scents come from?

Each candle's scents are developed by the My Jolie Candle team.

They are chosen with love to be original and natural in order to fragrance your home perfectly.

Directions for use

To ensure that your candle burns evenly, we advise you to let it burn for two hours the first time you use it, so that the wax will hollow out in a balanced way. After this first use, regularly cut the wick to 6 mm and re-centre it for clean combustion and a smaller, more attractive flame.

Let your candle burn for periods of two to three hours maximum. Avoid placing your candle in a draught, don't move it around while lit or hot and don't leave it to burn unattended.

To maintain your candle's scent, you can also put a lid on it when unlit and cool.

How do I get my jewellery?

Each piece of jewellery is protected by a small plastic pouch and two aluminium envelopes.

Once the protective aluminium appears, extinguish your candle. Using tweezers, gently remove the small pouch by gently rocking it from side to side. Let the aluminium cool down before you unpack your jewellery and see it in all its glory!

Don't let your candle burn to the end of the wick before removing your jewellery, otherwise the plastic pouch could melt inside its aluminium protection.

Our bath bombs

What are the bath bombs made of?

Our bath bombs are 99% natural and not tested on animals. Ingredients details can be found on the individual bath bomb pages.

Directions for use

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the bath bomb experience to the full:

  • run yourself a nice hot bath,
  • remove the bath bomb from its plastic wrap,
  • drop the bath bomb into the water. Once the bath bomb comes into contact with the water, it will begin to fizz and bubble. Let it dissolve on its own...
  • Enjoy and relax in your bath :)
Caution: we recommend that you don't swallow or rub the bath bomb on your skin as it's not a soap!

Once the bath bomb has dissolved, find out if it contains a surprise!
  • once you've had your relaxing bath bomb session, consider rinsing yourself off. While this isn't absolutely necessary, if you have used a coloured and/or glitter bath bomb, it might be preferable :)
  • don't forget to rinse your bathtub as well.

How do I get my jewellery?

Once the bath bomb has dissolved, the jewellery will appear (in one of the bombs for a set), carefully packed in its case. All you have to do is take out the gorgeous silver- or gold-plated jewellery set with one or more Swarovski® Zirconia stones.

Our jewellery

Can I choose my jewellery?

Our concept is based on the surprise element: you select the type of jewellery (necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings), but fate decides which of the styles designed by our team you will receive.

If the surprise element is holding you back, you can always go for our Special Edition candles so you know exactly what jewellery you're getting :)

What is the jewellery made of and worth?

Our handmade jewellery is made of sterling silver, or rhodium-plated metal, or gold-plated, and set with one or more Swarovski® Zirconia stones. Pieces have a commercial value of at least €25. If you're lucky, you might find your jewellery is made of gold and diamonds and worth up to €1000. To make things easier, we have put a note about value in all the jewellery pouches. This will tell you how much your piece is worth.

The diamonds in My Jolie Candle jewellery are all certified under the Kimberley Process and purchased from legitimate sources in compliance with United Nations resolutions and not involved in the funding of armed conflict.

How to take care of your jewellery

You love your jewellery and wear it every day, so, not surprisingly, it will inevitably age. Even though our jewellery is fine and delicate, each Swarovski® Zirconia is placed individually, which requires special attention.

Metal plated with rhodium, silver, gold or rose gold can tarnish and blacken over time. This natural reaction is unavoidable. It doesn't affect the quality of the product in any way because oxidation only takes place on the surface of the metal. Skin with an acidic pH can also make jewellery age faster.

Here are our little My Jolie tips: remove your jewellery before washing your hands, bathing or using cosmetics such as scents, soaps, creams and household products, which can damage it and affect its shine, colour and crystal hold. We recommend that you store your pieces of jewellery individually in small packages away from light to avoid contact with other metals.

Also avoid wearing your jewellery on the beach, at the swimming pool or while playing sports, as this will prevent it being knocked or scratched. Polishing with a soft cloth will keep your jewellery sparkling.

My jewellery is full of wax. What should I do?

Sometimes wax can get into your jewellery, but don't panic!

If this happens, here are some tips on how to clean it:

First, boil some water in a saucepan. Then, pour the water into a container, taking care not to burn yourself. Take a spoon or tweezers and dip the jewellery into the hot water until the wax disappears. You can also use an old toothbrush and toothpaste. Brush the jewellery gently, then rinse it with water. Finally, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth :)

How do I choose my jewellery size?

Our bracelets are one size fits all, but are adjustable. The smallest size is 14.5 cm and the largest is 19 cm.

Our necklaces are also all adjustable. There are different lengths available: short (38 to 44 cm), medium (46 to 52 cm) and long (56 to 62 cm). But, once again, it's fate that will decide which design you receive :)

Our rings are available in three sizes: 49/51 for S, 52/54 for M and 56/58 for L. To help, we have a ring sizer that you can download and print here (new link).

My jewellery doesn't suit me

Join our My Jolie Candle addict Facebook group, where members of our community can find a new little treasure and exchange sizes and styles of jewellery.

The group will also keep you up to date about our new products, as well as giving you exclusive access to our promotional offers.

Orders and delivery

Where can I find My Jolie Candle products?

For the moment, everything is happening online on our myjoliecandle.com online shop and at our My Jolie stores:

  • 2 rue de la Ferronnerie Paris 1 (Châtelet Metro Station)
  • 102 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine Paris 12 (Ledru-Rollin Metro Station)
  • 12 rue Linois Paris 15 (Charles Michel Metro Station)

Which countries do we deliver to?

We deliver to mainland France and French overseas departments and territories, as well as Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Espana, Netherlands, Polska and Luxembourg.

For deliveries to Switzerland, customs duties may apply.

What are the delivery times and costs?

Delivery varies depending on the courier chosen.

Home delivery without a signature - from €6.90 to €12.90 INCL. VAT according to the country: delivery in 2 to 3 working days for any order placed before 1pm (except Saturday/Sunday and public holidays)

Mondial Relay pick-up point - from €4.90 to €7.90 INCL. VAT according to the country: delivery in 4 to 7 working days to one of 4900 Points Relais® pick-up points for any order placed before 1pm (except Saturday/Sunday and public holidays)

Chronopost - €9.90 INCL. VAT: next day delivery (except Sunday and public holidays) for any order placed before 1pm (except Saturday/Sunday and public holidays)

Delivery times are given as a guide only.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay online by card. We accept CB, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Bancontact and prepaid cards (CB, Mastercard, Visa) as well as the My Jolie Candle gift card.

You can also pay via PayPal.

Please note that American Express cards aren't accepted, nor is payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Why hasn't my order arrived yet?

Please make sure to check the delivery option you selected when submitting your order and the cut-off times for order placing. To check delivery times, please refer to the question "What are the delivery times and costs?". If the delivery date indicated hasn't yet arrived and you have received an email confirming that your order has shipped, then your parcel is on its way :)

We can't search for or locate your order if the estimated delivery date has not yet passed.

Occasionally, parcels may encounter a problem during shipment. If the expected delivery date has passed, please contact our Customer Services team with your order information.
Where's my parcel?.

Why was my order cancelled?

If you have received an email saying your order has been cancelled, we apologise for the inconvenience. An order may be cancelled due to a lack of stock in our warehouse at the time it is processed. If this happens, you will receive a cancellation email confirming that the order will be refunded using the payment method used for purchase (card or PayPal). Card refunds can take up to 48 working hours, while PayPal refunds are immediate.

I want to edit/cancel my order

As soon as you place your order, we start working on it: we think it's important that you receive your order as soon as possible!
Unfortunately, this means that we can't edit or cancel orders, especially when the status is "being prepared". Everything in our warehouse moves very fast! This means we can't add or remove a product from your order, nor can we change the delivery address.
You will therefore have to place a new order or return the unwanted item(s) to us.

Why is my order is still being prepared?

Sometimes, your order status does not change and stays as "being prepared". There are several possible explanations:

- Our orders are shipped at the end of the day. If you placed your order before 1pm, please be patient: its status will soon change to "shipped".
- If you placed your order after 1pm, it will be shipped the next working day.
- Please note that if you placed your order on a Friday after 1pm, it will be processed by our warehouse and picked up by the courier on the following Monday.
- Occasionally, our logistics team will tell us your delivery address is incomplete. Make sure to check your emails: our Customer Services team will probably have already contacted you to sort this out :)

The tracker says my parcel was delivered, but I haven't received anything

Has the courier left you a card? Have you checked with your neighbours? Could anyone else have picked it up for you?

A signature isn't always required for home delivery. If no one is available to receive the delivery, our couriers may attempt to leave a parcel with a neighbour or at the post office. They might not leave you a card. You can go to the post office with your tracking number to check that your order has been properly delivered.
If these questions haven't helped you find your parcel, please contact the courier to investigate this delay to delivery. Come back to us if their response isn't satisfactory.

The parcel has been returned to sender. What do I do?

If you couldn't receive your parcel and it is returned to us, we will process a refund when we receive it at the warehouse.

The refund will be done via the payment method used when the order was placed (card or PayPal). We will always email you when we receive your parcel and process your refund. Card refunds can take up to 48 working hours, while PayPal refunds are immediate.

My order has the wrong contents

Our orders are prepared by hand and sometimes mistakes are made. We do apologise for this.

If this happens, please go to your customer area and submit a complaint by filling out the relevant form.
My order is incomplete/incorrect.

After we receive your complaint, we will process it very quickly!

You can also reach us by private message via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please don't return the item(s) without contacting our Customer Services team!

I want to return something

Unhappy with your order? We're sorry to hear that.
The good news is that you have 14 days to return the item(s) from the day your parcel is delivered.

Please note that only the customer who placed the order can return it. To do this, they should go to their customer account and to the order they want to return in order to access the process on the right-hand side.

Please note that to save on return costs, you can also either refuse the parcel when it is delivered to your home, or not pick up your parcel at the pick-up point. As the pick-up points don't keep parcels for more than 14 days, yours will be automatically returned to us.

As soon as we receive your parcel, we will process your refund and notify you by email.
The refund will be done via the payment method used when the order was placed (card or PayPal). We will always email you when we receive your parcel and process your refund. Card refunds can take up to 48 working hours, while PayPal refunds are immediate.

If several days have passed since you returned your parcel and you still haven't received an email, please contact our Customer Services team. Contact Customer Services.

Contact us

Haven't found the answer to your question in our FAQs? Contact us Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm. You can write in English and our team will answer you in English as soon as possible.